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Luxso International Corporate Sdn. Bhd., as a mattress and spring unit manufacturer, produces comfortable and functional products to encourage the practice of healthy lifestyle.

Luxso′s mattress and spring units are finely designed according to ergonomic. It not only protects your spiral, also equally support the weight of different body parts, based on the scientific disciplines of ergonomic. With its innovative design concept, Luxso′s leads its users towards perfect living style.

After extensive research and development, also well consideration on different usage preferences, Luxso′s came out with wide range of high quality products, including Pocket Spring Mattress, Bonnell Spring Mattress, LFK Spring Mattress, and palm fiber mattress. Luxso′s professional creations, especially LFK Spring Mattress, are highly recommended and being used by many of star-grade hotels.

Apart from that, Luxso′s divan that made from solid wood and plywood is light in weight and easy to assemble. It is not just matching perfectly with the spring mattress, also practical and durable at the same time.

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Rise and Shine

Do you have quality sleep? No matter how long have you slept, still feeling tired and listless? Do you know that, except of sufficient sleeping hours, the quality of sleep does matter too?

Quality sleep means uninterrupted deep sleep. The quality of your sleep decides whether you would be able to practice an energetic lifestyle. When we are sleeping, the cells in our body will automatically renew and reactivate themselves. The injured cells will be repaired to good condition, in order to continually function well every day. If we are lack of quality sleep, the process of recovering in our body will be interrupted and discontinued. Time after time, as the result, you will be suffered from sick.

Moreover, quality sleep allows our brain to have good rest. From that, you would be able to concentrate and make decision better, also to have better memory to perform excellent on study or work. Good quality of sleep also gets to reduce depression caused of tiredness. You would be able to achieve emotional balance, lesser the possibility of feeling tension, nervous or anxious.

Quality sleep could greatly enhance your health physically and psychologically, so that you could face your daily challenges effortlessly. Choose your favourite Luxso product now, let Luxso be your perfect bedtime buddy.

Structure & Material

Memory Foam

It is the science and technology from the U.S space agency. The initially applied to reduce pressure for lift-off and landing in capsule. For mattress, it adapt different pressure to human body, adjust the supporting force voluntarily and encourage blood circulation.

Soft Foam

With advanced production technology, strict process standards. It could natural degradation by organisms, natural and environmental protection, good elasticity.


High bulky, good elasticity, good full-feeling and super soft, ventilation, heat preservation, good performance.


It is natural rubber products from strict process standards. It won’t deformation after long time compression and good air permeability so that haven’t living space for bacteria.


Pocket spring have independent stress support, after the honeycomb row count, its performance could improve 150% than ordinary row count.


It produce by high carbon steel wire and twice heat-treatment processing, with good elasticity.


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